We have the equipment and technologies necessary to recondition machine and equipment elements by surfacing, flame spraying, and applying composite materials.


cast iron, aluminum alloys, titanium, bronze alloys, high-alloy steel including stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, and heat-resistant steel.

This method includes:

  • reconditioning of cast iron and aluminum housings, repair of cracks, and rebuilt of missing elements,
  • reconditioning of roll journals, bushes, and other rotary elements up to dia. 1,200 mm (surfacing in a positioner),
  • we apply preventive coating resistant to abrasion, erosion, impact, pressure, and corrosion.

Flame spraying:

Metallic: stuffing box sleeves, journals, conveyor rollers, road wheels for overhead cranes, edges of blades, etc.

  • "hot" flame spraying: coating on elements up to dia. 700 mm,
  • "cold" flame spraying: coating on elements up to dia. 2,000 mm.


  • ceramic coating on elements up to dia. 400 mm.

Application of polymer composite materials:

  • on screw conveyors to protect them against wearing off,
  • housings and rotors of impeller and vacuum pumps to improve their efficiency regarding the flow of media and protect them against erosion,
  • repair of shafts,
  • repair of bearing housings,
  • repair of actuator piston rods,
  • repair of cracked housings, etc.